A commission from 'Movie Camp' to celebrate the release of the new Marvel Ant-Man film!  Movie Camp are a fantastic organisation aiming to improve the movie going experience by removing those pesky adverts and spoiler filled trailers, replacing them instead with a fantastic themed evening of trivia, quizzes and prizes!  My Ant-Man poster will be given to all those who come along to the Ant-Man screening.  

This poster was a return to the pure watercolour style that I had not attempted for a while.  I love how this has turned out and how it has moved the style further on from my Amazing Spider Man 2 Poster.  It was originally drawn with pencil on watercolour paper and then painted with watercolour pencil and watercolour before being brought into photoshop for a few minor additions.

Limited edition high quality Giclee art prints on 300gsm photo rag paper, dimensions A2 (16.5" w x 23.4" h) are now avaliable here.